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Feedback on AGM held on 13 May 2009

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Guest Speaker

Minister chatting

CTGA had a guest speaker, the new Western Cape Minister of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism, Mr. Alan Winde at our annual general meeting. This was only his second official opportunity to speak after his appointment. He has personal past experience in tourism as a tour operator. He was accompanied by the Western Cape Chapter Chairperson of SATSA, Mr. Howard Johnson and the outgoing Registrar of Tourist guides, Ms. Noxolo Ntenetya.

guests of honour

Mr Winde spoke about the Outeniqua Tjoe-Choo as one of the focus areas to bring renewed tourism focus to the Garden Route and his drive is to get private enterprise to take over the service to let it achieve its full potential. Hopefully repairs to the damaged section between Wilderness and George will start soon, once the consultation between Spoornet, the Government and the Private sector has been finalized.

The toll booths at Chapman’s Peak were another point covered by the Minister. The development has been halted by local pressure groups and he suggested that a system that does not rely on toll booths be investigated.

He further spoke about a drive to create better efficiency within the managing bodies of tourist attractions where there is duplication and grey areas due to instances such as Greater Reserve areas that have within them smaller parks or attractions that fall within different departmental responsibilities. Examples are places such Table Mountain and Robben Island where these are run by National Bodies but all the services and peripheral activities are the responsibility of Provincial or local authorities effectively.

He also spoke about marketing of tourism and that the new Premier of the Western Cape, Mrs. Helen Zille, has informed Cape Town Tourism, CTT, and Cape Town Routes Unlimited, CTRU, that they must form a more cohesive front in order to maximise the substantial funding that they have in order to substantially increase the international visitors to our shores. He went on to say that although these bodies are mandated to market the region that every tourism stakeholder and especially the tourist guide has a responsibility to market themselves and their product.

The Minister also answered several questions. From these it became clear that he has a strong focus on development and job creation. Comments such as the use of site guides at our attractions and cooperation between CTGA and other bodies shows that he has a good grasp on the various challenges that he faces. Mr. Winde departs before the AGM starts as he has another commitment in Johannesburg where to he had to fly later on.

The 2009 AGM

The current Chairperson of CTGA, Peter Fisher, opens the meeting and a quorum including the proxies received is present. There were more than 70 CTGA members present and more than 40 proxy forms received. He also welcomes all past chair persons and committee members present.

Changes to the constitution

The suggested changes to the constitution are highlighted by the Vice-chairperson, Philip Coetzee. The main changes are semantic, numbering and alignments. The complete point 14 deleted. This point referred to CTGA regions. This was removed since CTGA is a region and will not have smaller regions in the near future.

Minutes of the 2008 AGM

The minutes from the AGM of 2008 was adopted.

Chairperson’s Report

The Chairperson gives his Chairman’s Report highlighting the growth of the association with 29 new members joining since January 2009. He asks the Secretary, Mrs. Mary Shears to talk about the various Mini-educationals and Educationals that was held in the last year. She gives the list and asks those members present who would like to do these again to raise their hands. There is an overwhelming sense that the various educationals were will received and attended and that many members would like to do them again.

Any suggestions for Mini-educationals and Educationals should be forwarded to Mary for consideration.

CTGA is still South Africa’s ONLY member to the World Federation of Tourist guide Association. The Chairperson of this, Ms. Ross Taylor was in South Africa during the year and was hosted by the executive of CTGA.

Financial Report

During the financial year of 2008/09 CTGA has struggled to find a Treasurer with the announcement of Mr. Tony Rogers that he will no longer be available to do it. However he has assisted to ensure that the financial statements were audited and up to date.

The audited financial statements show that CTGA has a retained income of R38 104. Even though this looks great, caution must not be thrown to the wind as all our income has been collected and we still have a large expense to pay. All membership fees have been received, but the current directory still has to be paid as well as all the running costs. None the less, the association is financially strong and is looking at a steady growth in future.

The Directory

Philip gives feedback on the Directory. The directory was printed in time for distribution at the Indaba. The website which is up and running is underpinned by the CTGA tourist guides directory of which 1000 were printed. 100 directories were handed out at the Indaba. Of these, 7 went to current advertisers, 34 went to tour operators that use the services of guides, and 54 went to regional tourism offices as far and wide as Waterberg in Limpopo, Durban, Parys and Sasolburg, Bloemfontein and many to regional offices in the Western Cape.

The CTGA website

The CTGA website is fully functional as a marketing tool for guides and a general information hub. It is made clear that the website is dynamic and will continue to change and adapt. There are also blog facilities, twitter and daily updates on the website. Any suggestion of information to be added to the site is welcome.

The website and directory are sponsored by tourism service providers and supporters of the association who are asked to place an advert in the Directory or on the website.

Election of the new CTGA executive

The constitution of CTGA allows for a maximum of 10 executive members to serve. There have been 9 nominations and they were all elected without any objections. They are: Peter Fisher, Philip Coetzee, Frans Venter, Terry Bingley, Allan Theron, Albert Pote, Hannes Theron, Pieter Geldenhuys and the only lady on the executive Annie Forsey. In due course the executive will have a meeting to select the new chairperson and assign portfolios.

There are calls for someone to fill the vacant treasurer pot. This is an ex-officio post like the secretary.

General points of interest

During the meeting a caution from the floor to all tourist guides was brought to attention. It is advised until there is clarity within the authorities that you do not use the Bus and Taxi lanes during peak hours if you are using a vehicle of less than 9 seats as some officers and departments are still issuing fines. Tour Operators Association of Cape Town, TOACT, has negotiated for guides to have the right to use these lanes with a permitted vehicle, but there is still a discrepancy with a municipal bylaw.

Alvin Kushner, the chairperson of TOACT, invites all operators, big or small, to join TOACT and help to solve problems faced by all. He mentions that CTGA has a standing arrangement to present briefly at TOACT meeting. It is made clear that TOACT has the same right at CTGA meeting.

The formulation of the National Tourist Guides Federation has new momentum and it is envisaged that the International Tourist Guides Federation Conference be lobbied to be held in SA in 2013. There is also a move supported by Gauteng Guides to professionalize the guiding industry. Something that the executive of CTGA will investigate and support if deemed worth and of advantage to our members.

The provincial Registrar will be redeployed but for now is still overseeing the Registration Office. Announcements in this regard will be issued soon.

Peter gives our wonderful secretary, Mary Shears, a bouquet of flowers as a thank you for all her hard work, especially in the absence of a treasurer. There is a call from the floor for her to be paid more. This will be investigated.

The meeting is concluded and all head outside for wine and cheese. Some of the Cheese was sponsored by Fairview Cheese. (See the sponsor’s page on the website)

Cheese and wine

Food preparation

During the eating session several places lucky draw prizes wire given out. One of these was a magnum bottle of wine sponsored by Rustenberg Wine Estate. Mervin Sparks donated a “guide survival kit”. The content of this kit included a roll of toilet paper, rope, a box of pricks, some strange looking contraption that only you imagination can recall the use of, a first aid kit and a pair of panties. The panties are very special as they have place for four legs and the use of this was widely discussed after it was given to the prize winner, Hannes Theron.

Mervin with panties

Prize winner